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Choose from many options including different languages of instruction and plenty of domains, join the courses at a breakthrough price.


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Candle Center

80% of University Students who participate in the offered courses get a higher GPA with a better academic performance with accumulated knowledge.


About Candle Center

Most university students in their various stages and specializations, especially in the first year, find various difficulties in dealing with the academic curricula and the Courses assigned to them. These difficulties may be in the scientific content of the course or in the mechanism of studying the course and how to submit the exam for it, or other difficulties.




Our aim is to facilitate the academic journey to the students in their different faculties and majors in the university level and instruct them in many languages, English, Turkish and Arabic mainly, by contracting with professional instructors with huge experience in this domain. 





We help the university students to achieve a successful academic journey and to get the highest GPA they ever imagined and yet unleash their success into the Professional life after graduation.

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