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Language of instruction


Course length

20 Hrs


ACI, “American Concrete Institute Building Code,” ACI, 2008

Related Majors:

Civil Engineering

About the course

This course gives the basic principles for reinforced concrete design of structures based on mechanical behavior of concrete and structural steel. The course shows behavior of reinforced concrete elements under different natural and physical conditions and under normal force, shear, moment and torsion and relevant analysis for members under combined flexure and axial load or axially loaded, structural safety limits. Additionally, the course covers the fundamental analysis of beams, columns and slabs (analysis and design of a cross section) as well as design of reinforced concrete beams, floor systems and columns. Use of Turkish Standard for Reinforced Concrete Design ‘TS-500’ will be introduced to the students. Besides, the design codes of the American Concrete Institute for reinforced concrete buildings will be considered.

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