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Course length

30 Hrs


Nelson, J. K., McCormac, J. C. “Structural analysis: using classical and matrix methods,” 2003, Wiley. A. Ghali, A.M. Neville and T.G. Brown, “Structural Analysis: A Unified Classical and Matrix Approach,” 5th edition, Spon Press. J.C. McCormac, “Structural analysis,” Harper & Row., 1984. H. West, “Analysis of structures: an integration of…, Wiley, 1989.

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Civil Engineering

About the course

This course includes types of structures, supports and loads. Idealization of structure and loads, analysis of determinate trusses, beams, plane frames and arches. This course is also interested in principles of equilibrium for determining reactions, bending moments and shear diagrams;Influence lines and matrix methods of structural analysis. Introduction to computer programs and use of program packages for structural analysis.

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